The Story of Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond marriage ceremony rings are a reasonably latest phenomenon; up till about sixty years in the past, most married wore easy gold bands. In the present day, diamond marriage ceremony ring units are pretty widespread. There are even diamond marriage ceremony bands for individuals who choose these to diamond marriage ceremony rings which have a set stone in them.

The Story of Diamond Jewellery

All through recorded historical past, diamond jewellery has been treasured and wanted. Nonetheless, it wasn’t till about 500 years in the past that the artwork and science of diamond chopping was born. A lot of the stones that discover their approach into diamond marriage ceremony rings are reduce and appraised within the Belgian metropolis of Antwerp, which has been the middle of the diamond enterprise because the mid-1500s.

The DeBeers Firm – shaped within the 1880s by Sir Cecil Rhodes, for whom the African colony was Rhodesia (now unbiased Zimbabwe and Zambia) was named – was instrumental in creating a man-made marketplace for diamond jewellery, significantly diamond marriage ceremony ring units, the place none had existed beforehand. It’s true that Archduke Maximilian I of Austria introduced his bride, Marie of Burgundy with a diamond marriage ceremony ring on the event of their marriage ceremony in 1477, however that didn’t set a normal precedent. That precedent needed to wait one other 423 years.

“Diamonds Are Without end”

The phrase “a diamond is perpetually,” grew to become the idea not solely of a James Bond novel by Ian Fleming and the film and hit music that got here out of it, however of probably the most sensible promoting marketing campaign of all time. The DeBeers Firm used this phrase to persuade the general public to desert the plain gold bands that had been conventional for married for hundreds of years, and embrace their line on fashion-designed diamond wedding ring units.

The marketing campaign was remarkably profitable; inside only some years, plain gold bands had been changed by diamond marriage ceremony bands and rings with set stones.
An identical marketing campaign was undertaken by the U.S. diamond jewellery business; the market was focused towards these planning to wed. The thought was to persuade the American public of an “previous custom” by which males wore diamond engagement rings in addition to their fiancées. This specific marketing campaign was slightly much less profitable, nevertheless it did assist to extend the recognition of diamond rings amongst American .

Diamond Jewellery In the present day

Diamonds within the tough are shipped to one of many main diamond facilities in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York, London or Singapore, the place they’re graded and reduce; after this, they endure an appraisal for carat (dimension and weight), colour, readability and reduce. After this, jewelers buy these stones in heaps and use them as settings for diamond marriage ceremony rings and different varieties of jewellery.

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