How Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable: All Secrets Solved

Have you ever asked yourself why the hotel pillows are so soft, fresh, and comfortable? Of course, a part of the impression is your mind, perceiving something new as a better thing. But a lot of 5-star hotels actually have some secrets when choosing the pillows and, quite importantly, covers for them.

We’ll see what’s beneath that royal feeling of comfort at 5-star hotels. We’ll see the different types of pillows, alternatives, allergy drawbacks, and more. What matters in pillow choice? How to keep it fresh and crisp? When it’s time to retire one?

Keep in mind, please, that this is a general guide, not inspired by one particular hotel, so please, consider it accordingly. Ready for pillow talk? (Literally.).

What Kind of Pillows Do Hotels Use? Major Criteria of Choice.

There’s no separate official class of pillows called “hotel pillows”. People responsible for the choice check and test them to make sure they choose a model worth their hotel. There are some unwritten rules that they use when choosing their pillows.


No person is the same. Some like really firm pillows even if their neck hurts the next day, while others are obsessed with the softness and the melting feeling of lying on the softest pillows. Some like sleeping on their backs for health reasons, while others hit the pillow with their face so hard it disappears there, sleeping on their tummy. Side-sleepers have their own preferences, one of them being preventing neck and shoulder pains, and consequently, headache.

Every 5-star hotel should provide anything their visitors need, so there are usually several pillows on the bed so the person can choose whatever their body likes.


Usually, there are only two pillow sizes, so this section is quite boring. However, these sizes suit most people, and if they need an adjustment, they can ask for it or take another non-standard pillow used for d├ęcor.

Anyways, the sizes are:.

  • Standard– 20″ x26″;.
  • King– 20″ x36″.

As to the covers, their sizes are a bit different:.

  • Standard– 20″ x30″;.
  • King– 20″ x40″.

Material Quality.

5-star hotels implement detailed evaluations of the pillows they’re choosing. The quality is tested for unnatural allergens and proper construction. It should be not too firm and not too soft, it has to look new and fresh even after multiple cleanings. The material should be durable so the investment is justified. However, it shouldn’t be toxic and have too many chemicals in its composition since a lot of people are becoming eco-conscious now and, again, allergic.

The stuffing also means a lot. Poor-quality stuffing or the lack of it will make even the best-looking pillow flatten after several nights. And there are not a lot of people who like flat pillows, even those sleeping face-down.


We’re clear with the covers’ size, but let’s talk about the quality. The material has to be of high-quality and natural. Cotton, especially Egyptian, is a frequent choice. Some hotels opt for more luxurious options and choose silk as the main material. There are hypoallergenic variants, helping make the skin smooth.

A lot of people suffer from allergies, irritations, and itching on their skin after long flights, and waking up after the first night at the hotel with smoother, even-toned skin will leave a much better impression of the hotel at all.

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